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The CS DoorLeaves range consists of mainly aluminium framed and clad doors. Unlike timber doors, our door leaves will never bow, rust or rot. Suitable for both sliding and hinged applications, CS DoorLeaves are pre-finished, ready for installation.

CS WhiteBoard is a versatile pre-finished door panel that is suitable for all cavity sliding door applications. Both lightweight and durable, this door is specifically designed for use in the educational sector, where oversized room dividers are required to double as moveable walls and white boards.

The CS WhiteBoard has been purpose built to work in with the CS CavitySliders carriage, mounting plate & track system, T-guide and CaviLock sliding door hardware. It is perfect for situations where a large door with whiteboard functionality is required.The CS WhiteBoard door also suits our surface sliding track system and may be prehung on CS AluJambs.

For your sliding door handle requirements, visit the CaviLock section on our website.



  • Strong, rigid construction ensures doors are very stable even under varying temperatures and changes of temperature.
  • Ideal for large room dividers due to their stability, eg. classrooms or boardrooms.
  • Pre-finished: manufactured in the factory to arrive on-site fully finished.
  • Durable porcelain on steel sheet is laminated to our aluminium skin to form a long lasting white board surface.
  • Performs well acoustically with the correct accompanying door skins and insulation batts.
  • Available with quality, purpose made CaviLock handles and locks factory fitted.


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