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CS Autocav WC

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The CS AutoCav™ WC utilises automation to bring you a better, more hygienic toilet access door. This electrically powered unit is ideal for situations that require hands-free public pedestrian or wheelchair access to toilets in hospitals, restaurants or toilets accessed from the exterior of a building.

Included as standard with this unit are high quality stainless steel indicator plates that have flashing LED lights and push buttons next to laser etched logos and writing. 

High quality components and countless design hours have gone into the making of this product to ensure the user has a safe, enjoyable experience while the owner of the building has a product that requires minimal servicing and is resistant to vandalism.


Max. Size: Custom sizes up to 3000h x 3500w
Max. Weight: 240kg
Wall Framing:   90mm
Wall Linings: 10mm, 13mm, other

Incorporate any of the following architectural detail options with CS AutoCav WC to create a specific look or to provide a unique solution:

Single Cavity Slider Configuration Single BiParting configuration Bi-Parting

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