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A mid range cavity slider designed to suit standard door sizes as well as the 2200-2400mm high doors now commonly specified. Standard pine jambs are supplied in either flat for architraves or grooved to suit 10mm or 13mm wall linings. This model has less finishing options than the CS TimberFormed but better quality than the CS SpaceMaker. Key product differences lie in the split jambs - these are stronger to enable manufacture up to the 2.4m height. The track and back stud have been lightened up to save aluminium weight content.

Max. size: Made to measure up to 2400 x 1100mm
Max. Door Weight (Standard):     120kg
Max. Weight (SofStop):    100kg
Wall Framing: 90mm
Wall Linings 10 or 13mm

Incorporate any of the following architectural detail options with CS MidWay to create a specific look or to provide a unique solution:

Single Cavity Slider Configuration Single BiParting configuration Bi-Parting
Jamb Details
Architrave jamb details Architrave Grooved jamb details Grooved
Suitable Door Types
NewYorker™ Timber Doors  

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