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X-Ray Barrier

X-Ray Barrier

X-Ray Barrier Cavity slider and door

X-Ray Barrier Cavity slider and door

X-Ray Barrier Cavity slider and door

X-Ray Barrier Cavity slider and door

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The CS X-RayBarrier cavity sliding door system is designed for use in isotope areas or where diagnostic x-ray apparatus is used. Many doors to x-ray areas are larger than standard and are heavy to operate due to their lead content. A sliding door is far easier to manage - if the door is really big and heavy it can be fully automated.

The cavity pocket has lead shielding custom fitted to all the jambs. Couple this with the CS X-RayBarrier sliding timber door leaf to make a complete system. Door must meet minimum barrier requirements as specified by the consulting engineer.

Max. Size: Custom sizes up to 2700h x 1200w per door
Max. Weight: 240kg per door
Wall Framing:   90mm
Wall Linings: 10mm, 13mm, other

Incorporate any of the following architectural detail options with CS X-Ray Barrier to create a specific look or to provide a unique solution:

Single Cavity Slider Configuration Single    
Suitable Door Types

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