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Cavity Sliders DetailOptions

Incorporate any of the following architectural detail options with your CS Cavity Sliders, CS Automatic Units or CS Wardrobe Sliders to create a specific look or to provide a unique solution.

Finishing Details

CS Square Stop

Square set jambs to create a seamless flow around the doorway.


CS No Closing Jamb

Minimalist detail allowing for a flush finish at the wall where the door closes


CS Full Height

The track finishes flush with the ceiling for a more spacious feel


CS SquareFormed

Complete solution combining Full-Height, NoClosingJamb and SquareStop details

Jamb Details

CS Custom Jambs

Extra wide, special timber jambs


CS ShadowLine

Special jambs to aid in creation of a negative detail around the doorway


CS AluSealed

Aluminium jambs for use in industrial or commercial settings


CS Hi-Impact Jambs

Extra heavy duty aluminium jambs for use in industrial or commercial settings


CS Biparting

Doors slide from two pockets, meeting in the middle


CS CornerMeeting

Doors slide from two pockets, meeting on a 90 degree angle


CS Overtaking Doors

2 or more doors slide from one pocket. Up to 3000 x 3500mm per door


Protrude 100

Door protrudes from the pocket when fully open to allow clearance for hardware